Year in Review/Looking Forward

Tis the season to reflect back on the year. 2012 was rather amazeballs, to use a word that everyone loves and is not at all annoying. January started off with my second trip to Mysore to practice at KPJAYI, two and a half months that were both wonderful (time with my teacher! practice! community! India!) and difficult (lots of sickness, time away from home). When I returned, boom! Engaged. Our six-month engagement flew by: you guys, there is a TON to do when you’re planning a wedding, even a small one. And through it all, summer happened: weekends at the cabin, a trip to Ohio where for the first time in over a decade every person on my dad’s side of the family was together, a weekend in Wisconsin with Dad, Liz and the kids. The wedding in September was everything we could have imagined, with many of the people we love all together in one room. All the little details of the planning (what color fabric to have over the mantle, what to do for centerpieces) melted away, and we could just soak it in. And we now have fifteen hundred images of the day, taken by the very talented Barclay Horner (you can see some on his blog post about our wedding, here).

For two weeks after the wedding, Peter and I were in Peru and Ecuador, getting a kick out of calling each other “Husband” and “Wife,” climbing mountains and exploring ruins. And then it was back to life and work, and a holiday season full of family. We spent Thanksgiving with both of our families together, feeling so lucky that they not only get along, but like each other! December was fast and furious, since both Peter and I work retail, but we did get to enjoy a few days in Fargo, and I got to see where he grew up for the first time. We did Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my family this past Sunday, including a faux countdown for the kids, then came real NYE with friends at a downtown nightclub (pretty uncharacteristic for me, but fun nonetheless).

So, what’s in store for 2013? Lots of time with family. Travel: I registered for a week of led intermediate with Sharath in Encinitas in April, so I’m slowly taking my practice a bit further in the next few months to get ready. I think it’s what I should do, since he told me to come to the led intermediate when I was about to leave Mysore (meaning I never got the chance to actually go), but it’s still a little scary. And Mysore again, 6-8 weeks, late summer. Hopefully a trip sometime to see a friend in LA who is about to have a baby, and maybe Chicago later in the year. And I’ve started keeping an actual, physical photo album, so if I have a resolution I suppose it’s to keep up with that. I just think about how neat it’ll be to have a record of the year, week by week, to look back on.

As for this blog, the jury is still out. I’ll most likely keep writing sporadically, sometimes yoga-related, sometimes not.

And that’s that! Happy 2013. I hope this year brings joy and love for everyone.

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