Ashtanga Link Roundup, Mysore-Style Edition

I just wanted to share a few articles (and one video) about Mysore (and Mysore-style practice) that I’ve come across in the last week or so. Enjoy!

David Garrigues on Nirodha. “To develop your yoga practice is partly to internally see or feel what you would rather not see or feel.”

An excellent explanation of the moon day tradition (happy full moon day, by the way) from a few different sources, posted by Portland Ashtanga Yoga.

A report on conference with Sharath from Jill Manning, a lovely ashtangi I met on my first trip to Mysore who is there now.

Some anatomy from David Keil in Your Shoulders in Upward Facing Dog.

Anna Pulley on wanting to quit. One of my favorite passages:

I loved the way the steam rose from my drenched, exhausted body, the resistant yet persistent changes in my sinews and skin. The small, private miracles I witnessed in myself that no one else did, but which made me euphoric nonetheless.

I also hated it in equal measure. Taking two buses in the pre-dawn darkness. The pain, the fear, the crying. My god, the crying.

And finally, a video from Kino MacGregor on the experience of practicing Ashtanga in Mysore:

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