First days

Busy first and second days, just as it was last year (minus the pool trip and resultant sunburn). Uneventful flights landed me in Bangalore at 3am Tuesday morning, my driver was waiting for me with a sign welcoming me to Mysore, and a two and a half hour drive to Gokulum that might have taken four had all the speed limits been heeded. (When I fear for my life, it seems that I tense my jaw.) Anna arrived yesterday, so I got to play tour guide and we visited all the usual places: Anokhi’s, Anu’s, Amruth, Nilgari’s, Sandyha’s. If I didn’t want to do yoga here I would still be so happy to just eat.

The new digs are fantastic. Close to the shala, clean, comfortable. A somewhat shy wall lizard that watches over me. First practice yesterday was easy, sweaty, next to the wall so I only had one yogi to avoid kicking. My start time is essentially in the middle of the afternoon (10:30am) so I have to find things to do before then (right now, finishing coffee at Vivian’s, where we’re staying). The rest of my schedule will be worked out soon, adding in studies with Jayashree, Narasimhan and James– for now, days are filled with food and socializing (at least until 5pm, when everyone goes home and goes to sleep).

Contentment is there.

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One thought on “First days

  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful. I am there in spirit!

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