The year started off with a rainy month of early mornings, solo practices followed by leading the Mysore program at YogaWorks while Mags was in India. Grueling work, incredibly rewarding. February and March brought my first trip to India, new Ashtangi friends from all over the world, the conviction that I had to get back there sooner rather than later, and an inkling that I might be Midwest-bound. Returning to San Francisco in early April sealed the deal; SF is an amazing, beautiful city but I wanted to give it all up to live in Minnesota. So I planned for the transition, spent April and May in the liminal state of California, and sent all my worldly possessions (all 24 boxes) through the mail to my dad’s house.

The move, early June. Right away, I was teaching at YH, reconnecting with some high school friends, and meeting Peter, with whom I would essentially spend the rest of the year (and beyond, but that’s for next year’s recap). July, August, and September were filled with trips to the lake cabin in Perham, Duluth and the North Shore, and Sugar Loaf Cove. Idyllic life. Those months also brought the end of my teaching gig at YH, and the start of teaching at RGYC, as well as more steady employment in the yoga clothing business. And of course, my initiation into CrossFit (which has dropped off my calendar in the past few weeks but I do intend to go back, just so you know). Time spent with Peter, with my family, my niece and nephew whom I adore, and with my yoga practice which has remained consistent in everything except location. And for the last month, I’ve been back to singing; private lessons and a choir with my voice teacher from high school, who is everything I want to be when I grow up. (Perfectly timed as it is, our final concert is next Monday, six days before I’m off to In-ja).

2011 has been full, busy, relaxing, and just generally everything I could have hoped for. If 2012 can be just as good, then I’m a lucky girl.

More reasons I’m lucky:



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2 thoughts on “2011

  1. Love it. All has been changing and all is coming 🙂 Things look good and I’m glad you’re singing again! It’s so good for the soul. X

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