I’ve been enjoying the Daily Rumpus emails from Stephen Elliott lately. I suggest you subscribe to them. It’s hard to describe what they contain, as it’s a mishmash of links, thoughts, questions. Best to read a few.


Recently Anna told me, “We never talk about yoga anymore.” This was because I was deep in the honeymoon period with CrossFit, so it was all deadlifts-this and pullups-that. Yoga is not that exciting lately. I’m not making great strides in asana, at least nothing to phone home about. I’ve been doing so much self-practice that it’s been nice to get back in a Mysore room with a few other students and a teacher a couple times a week, so there’s that. I do find that having collective group-energy helps me stay in the rhythm of the practice. And that is, as we’ve discussed, where the magic happens. Both on a smaller scale (ekam inhale, dwe exhale) and on a larger scale (ekam get up, dwe drink coffee, trini go to practice). After all, when I was in India I felt the same way– my practice chugged along, no different than before– but after the trip I realized just how much had gotten under my skin.


Speaking of CrossFit, I climbed a rope the other day. All the way to the ceiling. And then I deadlifted 143 pounds and back-squatted 113. And then I ran 400 meters, went up to my high-school self (the completely non-athletic one), told her about it, and totally frickin’ blew her mind.


I just got an email about this bracelet that they’ve created that monitors every activity you do: how far you walk, how many calories you burn, how often you’re active or sedentary. You attach it to your phone and take pictures of what you eat and it somehow analyzes this and tells you what you should change. It even tells you what your sleep patterns are. My first thought was how cool this was. But isn’t it kind of scary, too? It requires you to have absolutely no internal feedback system. You don’t need to pay attention to how you’re feeling after you eat, because your phone will let you know if it was healthy or not. You don’t need to remember to exercise, or even to stretch your arms and move around after an hour of inactivity, because your wrist will vibrate and nudge you to do so. It would certainly be a fun gadget to try (and I would totally wear it for a week if given the chance), but I don’t want to be so removed from the processes of my own body that I need to look at my phone to see how healthy I am.

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3 thoughts on “Rhythm

  1. I love the “Dear Sugar” columns on the Rumpus – have you read a couple of her pieces? So raw and real, it’s turning me into an advice column junkie! (Well, only if Sugar’s writing it of course….). Will have to check out Stephen Elliott now, his book looks interesting. Thanks for the rec!

  2. Yeah, Sugar is amazing, I love her too. If you like Sugar’s advice, you should also check out (and this is shameless friend-promotion here) Anna Pulley, who writes an advice column for SF Weekly, among other places. This is one of her recent ones: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/exhibitionist/2011/10/the_only_social_media_advice_y.php

  3. Ah, shameless friend promotion! Nice post, Ellie.

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