The need to nest is fiercely here. The weather is turning cold faster than it has since 2008 (for this briefly-a-Californian, at least), and for once in my life the prospect of snow is inviting. I stopped this morning at Target for new socks, and found myself browsing in various “home” sections with longing: coordinated storage systems, bedding, kitchen utensils. None of which I need, living between two houses, both of which are stocked full of sheets, egg flippers, and places to put things. Still. Minnesota is such a grounded place, as compared to a transitory city like San Francisco, that putting down roots seems like second nature. Of course I can buy that ironing board. I’ll be here for a while. (I did not buy an ironing board. What would I iron, my yoga pants?)


In news that may seem contrary to my rooting excitement, I’ve been confirmed to study with Sharath at KPJAYI starting in mid-January for two plus months. So I’ll miss a little snow, it seems, but I think I can rest assured that snow will be there before I leave and after I come back.


I finally got around to unpacking the last box I shipped from SF.  Apparently I hadn’t looked very closely when shoving the box in the back room: I noticed that the cardboard had been cut out around my name and address, and taped to another box. Inside were all my books, plus three I had never seen before. Sooo…. I’m thinking the box fell apart, as did another person’s box of books, and a nice postal worker repackaged the boxes, getting it mostly correct. Here’s my new score: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (not a self-help book, actually a wartime-era Chinese-Japanese variation on Romeo and Juliet), The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day (historical fiction), and For the Children’s Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School (as far as I can tell, a Christian-flavored parenting book). I wonder what books made the exchange.



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2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. That is kind of a cool shipping mix up, depending on what books you lost of course. Will be looking forward to reading you while you’re away 🙂

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