30-Day Challenge, In Summary

The 30 Day Challenge is officially over (as of Tuesday, actually). What I learned:

-I don’t like compulsory photo-taking.
-Chanting is magical.
-The novelty (ha) of zombies wears off after about 200 pages.

After the amazingly beautiful weekend in Duluth, it just seemed silly to come back and take pictures of yoga studios and lululemon midracks, and I completely fell off the photo-taking wagon. Even when I went away (yes, again) for the weekend to a cabin up north (the other north, not northeast to Duluth, but northwest towards Fargo), and was surrounded by gorgeous lake views and happy people all weekend, I just didn’t feel like getting my phone out and documenting anything. Wanted to experience it technology-free.

As for the chanting, I kept up with it quite well. I only missed a few days, and there were a couple of days when I knew time was not going to allow me to do it at Yoga House, or at home, so I chanted in my car. And here’s the thing: the energetic effects of chanting in Sanskrit, whether it’s the first pada of the Yoga Sutras or just the Gayatri Mantra for twenty minutes, are palpable. It’s not something you have to wait to see the fruits of, it happens right in front of you. Sound, the great healer. Sleepyness turned to lightness, a scattered mind turned to clarity. The experience of it made me yearn to sit in the little hot room with Jayashree and Narasimhan again– maybe five months and I’ll be doing that again. If you don’t follow insideowl.com, which you should, then check out this post where the Owl describes what it is like to hear Jayashree in person, for the first time. Down the rabbit hole she goes.

While we’re on the subject, a piece on NPR about the benefits of singing. Listen or read.

And speaking of reading. The last full book I read during the challenge, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Oh man, that one dragged for the last hundred pages or so. JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY! It didn’t help that I knew the Jane Austen version already so there was no question of how it would all pan out. I still think it was mostly entertaining, though, and the gimmick of inserting zombies into the storyline worked perfectly. Charlotte Lucas married Mr. Collins because she knew she had already been infected with the plague that would eventually turn her into a zombie? Oh THAT explains it. But I think I’ll skip Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. Next up on the reading agenda: I’ve just begun The Adderall Diaries, by Stephen Elliott.

What’s the next Challenge? TBD. But I’m totes doing this again.

Another one from Duluth. Stormy morning.

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2 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge, In Summary

  1. LizScott on said:

    That pictures makes me very happy. I love stormy days, and I love lakes. (take the girl out of Minnesota …)

  2. fabulous snap!

    I hear ya on how it’s hard to get motivated to take photos of the mundane. But you know, I still love it. I think it will be interesting to see what my everyday life was like in 10 years 🙂

    jealous if you go back to india next year. i am hoping for 2013.

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