Busy summer.

A few things that have been keeping me away from the blog.

Family Time

Nothing out of the ordinary, now that I’m in Minnesota, but it’s pretty great nonetheless.

July 27: Sister, nephew, niece.

Sweeney in the House

Two weeks ago, Matthew Sweeney, an Ashtanga teacher based in Byron Bay, Australia, came to Yoga House for a week-long workshop including sessions on jumping back/through, backbending, Chandra Krama (an alternative moon sequence that is less vigorous than the Ashtanga series), and four days of Mysore practice. Overall, nice to step outside the “traditional” Ashtanga box for a few days, get a new perspective and some new techniques, and be in a sweaty practice room full of Ashtangis from all over the Midwest, including fellow yoga blogger Nobel, who wrote a bunch of great posts about the workshop that go into much more detail. The Ashtanga community is an amazing thing, and it’s wonderful to meet and geek out with people on a similar path, sharing experiences over breakfast after practice. Just like in Mysore, except the oatmeal costs $6 instead of 80 rupees.

July 28: The breakfast crew after Sweeney's workshop, at Turtle Bread Co.

Trip to Duluth

This past weekend, I went on a mini vacation up the coast of Lake Superior in Minnesota. I hadn’t been to that area since I was a kid on a trip with my parents to Thunder Bay in Canada, and even then it was brief, so I had no idea how amazing this part of the state is. If you get a chance, I highly recommend spending long periods of time staring out at Lake Superior, it was absolutely breathtaking.  We went to Split Rock Lighthouse, Two Harbors, Gooseberry Falls, and saw a good part of Duluth on foot, including the observation tower at the top of Enger Park. Hot and humid weather made the cold lake especially refreshing. And our B&B, Solglimt, was perfect. Minnesota has already far surpassed my expectations, two months in.

July 31: Lake Superior

August 1: Out for a morning walk by the water in Duluth.

August 2: Two Harbors, MN

If you build it, they will come

I’ve begun teaching an Ashtanga for Beginners class — by donation– at a yoga studio in St. Paul called the River Garden Yoga Center, every Friday at 12:15. It’s building slowly, but I’m working on getting the word out. So if you’re in town, come on over!

July 29: Not a picture of RGYC. Maybe I'll take one this week.

30-Day Challenge update

I’m on day 25. Remember how I was going to chant for 20 minutes, read 50 pages, and take a photo every day? Well, for the most part, I’ve stuck with it. I’ve missed two days of pictures, two days I’ve only read around 20 or 30 pages instead of 50, and for the three days I was up north, I totally didn’t even try to read or chant. Everything in moderation, yes? I’m still on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, hopefully finishing it today so I can move on to something a little different. Though I am having a great time imagining Colin Firth as a zombie slayer.

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3 thoughts on “Busy summer.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer, Ellie. Beautiful photos. Congratulations on the new class!

  2. Sounds fabulous! Hope your class keeps growing and growing 🙂

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