Week in Photos

Halfway done with this 30-day challenge. I finished Guruji, and am a little over halfway through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which has been on my to-read list for months. An excerpt:

“I often tell young ladies that no excellence in the deadly arts is to be acquired without constant practice. I have told Miss Bennet several times, that she will never be half my equal unless she practises more; and though Mrs. Collins has no dojo, she is very welcome, as I have often told her, to come to Rosings every day, and spar with my ninjas, provided she promises to kill no more of them.”

Here’s the last week in pictures (missing yesterday, completely forgot to take one).

July 18: home grown veggies. quality, not quantity.

July 19: Peanut butter chocolate chip snickers cookies. YES.

July 20: Dinner with Peter at Adelita's Mexican Restaurant in NE Mpls

July 21: Sunset over Moore Lake

July 22: Lunch with Shannon at the Cheeky Monkey in St. Paul

July 23: A practical joke my sister played, involving a caught spider and an empty jar.

July 24: Shakespeare Abridged at Brit's Pub in Mpls

July 26: Bobble head turtles doing yoga. Obviously.

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2 thoughts on “Week in Photos

  1. Fun snaps Ellie! Those cookies look delicious! And I’m glad you are teach your turtles some yogi 🙂

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