Through repetition the magic is forced to arise.

A few great quotes from Guruji:

“Yoga is about cultivating awareness, and you begin with something very tangible– your own body, cultivating awareness with that. Tha’ts a way of doing self-inquiry. You know, you put yourself through a variety of asanas. The asanas could be seen as metaphors for the varying situations we encounter in life.
“You put yourself in a challenging situation and you summon as much poise, as much steadiness and relaxation as you can under the circumstances, and that’s incredibly good training for life, but there’s got to be some carryover. The asana is not an end in itself. It’s just a training ground as a way of training the body, training the mind so you can use those skills in other aspects of your life.”
-Tim Miller

“There is a saying of the alchemists: through repetition the magic is forced to arise. Aristotle said that practice is the strongest teacher of all. It’s only through repetition that we can gain depth of understanding.”
-David Swenson

“I do not feel that the more advanced series steal femininity. There is nothing more beautiful than a strong woman…The changes to the female body are only more masculine if you identify strength with the male. If something was lost on the way, it was probably nothing I needed. I love my yoga body. Whether it is attractive to another is not a major concern. Femininity comes from within. My female peers are women of dignity and beauty.”
  -Dena Kingsberg 

July 15: Altar at Yoga House

July 16: Taken at Ax-Man Surplus, a Twin Cities institution

July 17: The nephew, again. Post-smoothie. Must be his favorite shirt.

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7 thoughts on “Through repetition the magic is forced to arise.

  1. Ellie, thanks for posting the quote by Dena Kingsberg. I have practised with many Teachers over the last 10 years, but Dena has been far and away the most influential Teacher in my practice. She is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person.

  2. I was re-reading Guruji over the weekend, Dena’s story in particular and that quote stood out for me as well. So much truth, acceptance and empowerment in those lines.

  3. LizScott on said:

    That repetition quote reminds me of Aristotle’s excellence (and excellent) quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”

  4. i love these comments. after having a bit of a doubtful day yesterday this makes me smile. thank you. i will have to get guruji myself. ivana

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