30-Day Challenge

This 30-Day Challenge is making the rounds. Not being one to buck a trend, I’ve decided to give it a go. The idea is simple: pick something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t been doing, or something you’d like to do more regularly, and commit to doing it every day for one month.

If I’m going to do this thing, I’m going all out. So I’m picking not one, but three things to do every day.

1. Take a photo: because I tend to go on photo binges and then not take any for weeks.  I like the idea of marking time this way, with one photo to show what I’ve done each day.

2. Chant for 20 minutes. I’ve been doing this sporadically for six or seven months, and I love the effects of it, either pre-practice or pre-teaching.

3. Read 50 pages. I’ve been reading a lot lately, and I think this will help me keep going, especially since I have (ahem) some time on my hands since moving to Minnesota.

I am emphatically not committing to blogging every day, so I’ll post updates (with the pictures) every week or so. Let’s call today the official first day. And what a successful day it was: I got to Yoga House early for some chanting and meditation, check, and in the afternoon I read well over 50 pages in The Tiger’s Wife, by Tea Obrecht, check. My dad and I also got our old bikes out of storage, filled the tires, cleaned and oiled them up, and I took each for a ride. Mine was an upright bike, very comfortable but also slow and heavy, and my dad’s is a pretty light (for being about 35 years old) road bike. I kind of fell in love with his bike, despite the drop-down handlebars (I’ve always been more comfortable with flat handlebars, but these really weren’t bad). I think I’m going to take it for a longer ride tomorrow.

The photo, check:

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4 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge

  1. Wow, ambitious! Good luck and I hope you post photos as you go alone. I could use the inspiration! I hope you give us your take on the books you read. Thanks for joining in the circle of 30 day challenges!

  2. You can do it! I have actually been taking a photo everyday since February 2008. Once you get in the groove, it becomes a part of your daily life. I need to commit to cleaning up my mess everyday for the next 30 days 🙂

    Miss you girl! Looks like the move has been a good thing for you so far 🙂

    • Miss you too EE! Wow, you’ve been taking a photo every day for over three years? And you take some amazing photos, so I bet that’s pretty awesome to look back on.

      Ha. If you clean up your mess every day, won’t you run out of mess? 🙂

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