Saturday Link Roundup

To go along with the Friday video roundup, I’ve decided to collect links to articles I enjoyed reading during the week, and post them on Saturdays. Probably fewer kittehs will be involved. So here’s a picture of one, for good measure:

And the first link: Carol Horton discusses the importance of the yoga blogosphere (Sorry, Carol, I can’t bring myself to call it yogging yet)

Nobel describes the benefits to a Mysore-style practice and asks whether all you Ashtangis out there learned by led classes or by Mysore.

Lisa Bloom: How to Talk to Little Girls. Why we shouldn’t take the easy “You’re so pretty! Look at you!” route.

Keely Flynn on why it’s important to expose your kids to diversity in many forms. Pride, Respect, and a Happy Kid.

There was apparently a twitterstorm surrounding news that Oxford University was no longer supporting the Oxford Comma. Oh noes! But calm down: you are still allowed to use it.

In Forbes, Alice G. Walton explores how yoga affects the body and mind in a two-part series.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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