at the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden

City of Lakes

When a Big Thing is happening, it’s hard to write about anything that is disconnected from the Big Thing, because it seems like nothing is. So instead, I’ve written nothing for a while.

However, now that it’s one month away and official, I can write about the Big Thing itself.

I’m moving to Minneapolis.

When I tell people in California this, I usually get some combination of shock and disgust, and then a drawn-out incredulous “Whyyyy?” My initial reaction to this idea, which first hit me in India, was not entirely dissimilar. I’ve spent years trying to get away from snow. I’ve chased life in bigger cities since I was 18. The idea that I would go back there, voluntarily, came as a surprise, and I dismissed it as a crazy idea brought on by being in an unfamiliar country. But it kept coming up, and I found myself browsing apartment ads on Craigslist (seriously, Minneapolis? One-bedroom apartments for under $600?). My most important reason for moving, without a doubt, is my family. As is, I get to see them maybe twice a year, not enough by a long shot. This way, they get to see Aunt Ellie year-round! Because let’s be honest, these are two pretty great reasons:

But even apart from the familial connections, Minneapolis is awesome. It’s the Boston of the Midwest. Even better. Yoga studios (like this one, where I’ll be teaching and practicing) abound, farmers’ markets (ok, not in January, but whatever, I’ll be in India then), quality theatre (including The Guthrie), The Walker Art Center (home of the cherry on the spoon!), 770 square feet of parkland for each resident (whoa), seven miles of skyways connecting 80 city blocks downtown (ok now I’m just showing off), and Prince. Plus, The Advocate named Minneapolis the gayest city in the US. Take that, San “People’s Gaypublic of Drugifornia” Francisco.

So that’s that! I’m off to the City of Lakes, land of “oof-ta” and hot dishes and “ya shur you betcha” and “oh fer cute.” How much I will miss San Francisco is a topic for another day (short version: lots). When I told Magnolia about my plans, she told me that she knew I’d move there eventually, because after coming back from every trip there, “you are so full of love– it’s clearly where your heart is.”

What can I say? I’m a Minnesotan girl.

at the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden

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9 thoughts on “City of Lakes

  1. Ellie, I identify with this post. After 33 years of trying to get as far away as possible from my hometown, Scranton, PA, I’m moving back. Voluntarily. And looking forward to it. Minneapolis sounds awesome, and living close to your 2 little angels will be such a blessing for all of you. Kudos on finding a job so quickly. Congratulations and good luck with the move.

  2. I remember you talking about this in India. Congrats on making your decision! I went to college in the Bay Area and ended up coming back to Texas of all places, mostly because it felt more like home. Being close to your family will be so great!

    I hope you’ll still be in SF next week 🙂

  3. Thanks, EE and Lynn! Y’all are two good examples of this being the right move. And yes, I’ll be in SF next week and I’m looking forward to seeing you and Joe, EE!

  4. Ellie! It’s Jen from India… congratulations on your decision, it sounds like you feel really good about it. We will be in St Paul for a wedding at the end of August, we’ll have to look you up!

    • Hey Jen! Yes let me know when you’ll be in town! Midwesterners unite. Have you heard about Angela’s plan for MAVYN (Midwest Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Network)?

      • I haven’t! Do tell.

        Did you hear, it looks like James will be in MI at the end of September as part of his US tour? Come on out, Detroit’s not that far!

        • I heard! He’s coming to SF too, and I’m helping put it all together so there’s a chance I’ll be coming back here for it, labor day weekend. But a road trip to Michigan would be fun too! What are his dates there, do you know yet?

  5. Andy on said:

    Interesting time for this. I’ve been heavily considering moving back to Maine, for many of the same reasons (and Portland was once rated the third most gay friendly city in the country). Best of luck. We need to catch up at some point.

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