California, I’ve come home

Thirty hours of travel and airplane meals, indistinguishable between dinner and breakfast, and an early landing at SFO. A customs official asked me enough questions to make me a little nervous about my tourist visa: yes, I was just vacationing. Yes, I have friends in Mysore. What do I do in the States? I teach yoga– oh yes, I did a bit of yoga in Mysore, but you know I wasn’t there FOR yoga… exhaustion made me think, for a moment, that he might send me back.

And then a car ride conspicuously absent of honking horns, and a walk in the Mission with shoulders brazenly bared, and brunch at Boogaloo’s with Anna, and grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. Back to the routine. Of course I didn’t plan on getting sick after arriving home, and after at least six hours of being firmly on California soil it hit– India sick, but worse than the first bout. Thanks Ganesha, all my obstacles have been removed, 48ish hours later.

Of course it is nice in some ways to be back, but it also feels like I just left. Like I was lifted up mid-setu bandhasana and deposited outside the shala. Wait! I haven’t done backbends or closing yet! Let me stay a little longer!

But oh, the memories are so good. And I left a trunk, which means I’ll be back.

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4 thoughts on “California, I’ve come home

  1. Welcome home! I don’t know why the flight home seemed so much more difficult, but it was. Sorry to hear you got sick again – that stinks! Joe’s stomach has been bothering him as well – India is the gift that keeps on giving!

    I hope you keep on blogging…this is a great way to keep up with everyone!

    • Aww, poor Joe, and he was only there a week! (That pic of him in your latest post is awesome, btw) I think I’ll keep this blogging thing up. How do you follow blogs, do you use Google Reader or another way?

      • I usually follow blogs on my dashboard. I don’t know how to follow wordpress blogs so I usually just bookmark them and check daily đŸ™‚
        I may be in SF in May for a baby shower…hope to see you if I am!

  2. Oh that’d be lovely! Let me know if you come, for sure.

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