When the time is right

Before coming here, I had been told for several years that in order to fully appreciate the Mysore experience, I would have to come for three full months. The first month is difficult and frustrating, the second month you begin to hit your stride, and the third month is for growth. And because it never felt possible to get away from my life for three full months, I kept waiting to make the trip. Even this past fall, when I had already registered, already renewed my passport, I wavered again; is this the right time? Am I wasting money? Should I wait until the fall? Thankfully, I got a kick in the yoga pants that jolted me me into reality. The time will never be perfect. When do we ever get a three month window of free time about which every person and job in our life says, “Go ahead! Follow your spiritual journey! We will be waiting with open arms when you get back!” So, here I am. With three practices left of a six-week stay, I have not once regretted coming here. Okay, maybe every time I see a cockroach (I ADMIT IT. I AM NOT OVER THE FEAR YET. At least I don’t fear the ones I don‘t see as much).

And speaking of practice, time to go. My time began at 9:30, then it was moved to 8:45, then everyone was moved to 7am, and now that Saraswathi is off to Australia, her students are supposed to come between 6 and 6:30. Shala time.

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6 thoughts on “When the time is right

  1. cool photo!

    I understand what you mean. coming to Mysore has been amazing…

  2. So glad Padartha pointed me in your direction. I am planning my first trip in October, and am devouring all the information I can get. I plan 2 months then a beach, but maybe a third month if it’s gone well. It feels like now or never with things as they are, but I have yet to read anyone say they regretted going to Mysore.

    • Yes, go go go! You’re @padmassana on twitter, right? Let me know if you have any questions about what to expect– it’ll be an amazing journey. If you stay through the new year we can meet in person, I’ll be there in January!

  3. Yes that’s me on Twitter. I filled in and sent the application form this afternoon to Myosre, so am hoping for a response so I can start the visa and air ticket business. Your trip sounded very organised having a driver to pick you up and a place to stay arranged before you left.
    I have been to India before but only a couple of weeks at a time, so 2 months is a whole new undertaking. Is there anything you wish you had taken that you didn’t ?

    Depends how long Mysore take to respond as to when my visa will run out, but be great to meet you. We have a thriving yoga blogger community here in the UK.

    • It definitely helped to plan a ride from the airport, since I got in to BLR at 2am. Ganesh is a good resource– he lives in Gokulum Mysore near the shala and runs a cafe with his wife Anu (you will LOVE Anu’s Cafe), and you can friend him on facebook. A week or so before you fly in, ask him to arrange a pick-up. It costs about 2000 rupees. He can also help you find an apartment.


      I packed pretty light. Most things you can get in Mysore if you forget– Claudia has a great packing list on her blog, I’m sure you’ve seen that. Bring swim trunks– I know a few people who forgot a swimsuit and had to find one there, which is not easy, and there are a couple of nice pools. A flashlight and batteries, and either bring candles and a lighter or get them there pretty quickly, since there will be power outages.

      So exciting!

  4. Ooo I love little Cafes for post practice breakfast. Anu’s sounds great.
    I saw Claudia’s list, flashlight and candles are probably the most important.
    Thanks for the Facebook for Ganesh, once I’m confirmed I’ll get in touch with him.
    How did you deal with money, did you take Dollars and change them or rely on cash points, once the big things like accommodation and Shala fees are paid it shouldnt be too expensive I guess.

    Exciting is right.

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