I am brimming with gratitude these days. After a hot, light, sweaty practice in the shala this morning, I took an extra-long savasana, happy knowing that my only pressing appointment was with the coconut man (and he stays patiently until the last yogis get their dose of electrolytes). The initial “Yeah, ok, this is cool, I can do this” phase of my trip has morphed into all-out bliss. The physical practice is getting deeper, the body lighter, the mind a little clearer. I am not fearing (as much) the roaches which may or may not be lurking around every corner. I feel affectionate towards our wall lizards. The heat is intense, but the sweat evaporates off clothes so quickly, and afternoons are for pool time anyway. And I have met so many lovely people from all over the world.

If the shala were to stay open past March 31, I’d easily extend my trip another two months (though from what they tell me, April and May are tough months to be here, so perhaaaaaaps it’s good timing). I was seriously considering going to Goa after leaving here, but when it comes down to it I need to let the Mysore experience settle a bit. Go home, process, re-integrate. Practice. There’s always next time.

Oh no, what’s that on her arm? Yes, Marika from Sweden got bitten by a dog. But it’s ok– the dog was healthy and she (Marika) got a rabies vaccine anyway. This picture was at Pescucci’s, where we went for a celebratory cappucino after we took her to the hospitals (yes, two of them) for the shot.

The Three Sisters, with happy full yogis.

Represented in front of the coconut stand: Brazil, South Africa, the Netherlands, Ireland, the US, and Australia. (Taking the picture: Sweden)

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  1. I know how you feel šŸ™‚

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