Mysore: A No-Decision Zone

Narasimhan says that the process of meditation allows stressors on the mind and body to be released, causing spontaneous emotions which should not be acted on because they are based on the past, not the present. The practitioner should sit for a few minutes after coming out of the meditation in order to let those emotions fall away before making any decisions.

In a way, the Mysore experience is like a macrocosm for this phenomenon. Away from our “real life” daily obligations, in a space where our calendar items are essentially practice, meditate, eat, learn, eat, sleep, repeat, stuff has a way of coming up. Sometimes the stuff is “IHaveToLeaveThisPlaceI’mSickAndInjuredAndIt’sNoisyAndDirty” and sometimes it’s “IHaveToFindAWayToRearrangeMyLifeSoICanLiveHere.” Either way, maybe a little extreme. All we can really do is enjoy the practice and the chapatis and everything in between, declaring Mysore a “No-Decision Zone” and wait to process the experience until it is a little farther away.

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