People For Animals, Mysore, India

The following letter comes from my housemate Lynn, who has been working with an animal rescue organization here in India. Please consider donating to this cause, even if only $5 or $10; a little goes a long way. Read on:

Dear Friends,

People For Animals is an animal rescue, shelter and clinic that is doing its best to provide valuable and much needed vet and rescue services to the THOUSANDS of stray, injured, pregnant and terminally ill dogs, cats, monkeys, cows, donkeys, goats, horses and ponies in Mysore, India. The organization, though noble, is woefully under-funded, under-manned and overwhelmed. Please help. A $5 contribution would go a very long way towards saving the life of one of these precious animals.

Click here to donate.

I was at the shelter today and, unfortunately, witnessed a colt dying in the baking, hot sun. The shelter doesn’t have enough shelter to provide shade for all the animals. It’s incredibly hot, no rain and therefore no water. I know if you were here for even 1 minute, you’d be more than willing to make a small donation. PFA also needs dog toys, beds, medications, water bowls, etc. Just about everything. Please use this link to give $5 (or more) towards this worthy cause.

I promise I will be here to ensure your funds are spent on the animals and that anything you contribute will absolutely make a difference to one of the animals. Please spread the word. Photos are attached. Warning: these animals are very difficult to behold. But there are some very happy stories. A female black lab–let’s call her Millie–was abandoned at the shelter, very old (two teeth left in her mouth) and pregnant. She gave birth to 2 pups; it was probably her 10th litter, if not more. A week later 5 newborn pups were brought to the shelter after their mother died from being struck down by a car. The driver didn’t bother to try to swerve to avoid her and didn’t even slow, let alone stop, after brutally killing her. Millie adopted all 5 pups and, honestly, she looks like such a happy dog. Very gray. Very tired. But very affectionate and sweet and wonderful and incredible and I’m crying as I type this. Please help Millie, the pups and the other wonderful animals. Thank you so much. Much love and gratitude. Lynn

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2 thoughts on “People For Animals, Mysore, India

  1. Is there a way to contact Lynn directly? Is she still in Mysore? PFA just came and picked up our street pups and I have some questions for her.

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