more.MEGASTORE lived up to its name. Four floors, elbow-to-elbow crowded, and everything from groceries (I was able to get the rest of the ingredients for my kitchari recipe) to clothes (where the Walmart-like tshirts are right next to the sarees) to big-screen TVs, blasting Bollywood hits, of course.

I found this set of pens in the school supply department and had to take a picture. I was tempted to buy it — 6 Rupees, which is about 13 cents–but I think the picture suffices. It’s Shah Rukh Khan! Bollywood film star and heartthrob extraordinaire! Holding a Supreme Gel Pen!

On the way home, we stopped at the Himalaya Herbals store, where they sell Ayurvedic body products that I’ve heard great things about. Very fancy. I splurged a little and bought three products and a box of tea, for a grand total of 220 Rupees. (Under $5). The saleslady, Padma, was very helpful and friendly, and when we checked out she asked us to fill out a survey about our experience there. Included on the survey were questions about Padma’s appearance and presentation, a place to fill in our wedding anniversary as well as our birthday, and a multiple choice question about our profession (the choices were: Self-Employed, Housewife, Student, Retired, or Salaried).

Now, time for conference with Sharath. It’s usually in the afternoons, but two weeks in a row it’s been in the mornings so that he can watch the big cricket match in the afternoon.

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One thought on “More.

  1. Love this post!! I’m a huge fan of Himalayan Herbal products and Bollywood movies. And, as irritated as I get that Saraswathi’s students are not told the times of Sharath’s Sunday conferences, I totally respect scheduling to avoid conflicts with significant sporting events. Take great notes at conference today!

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